Getting The Most out of Horse Trekking in Tunisia

The image of someone darting across the desert on horseback might seemingly be reserved for the movies – but don’t head to Tunisia with this misconception. While beaches, camels and a whole load of other activities are the main selling point for a lot of travel agents, something which often slips under the radar is […]

Tunisian Tourism Opening its Door Back to The UK

uk tourists back to tunisia

For years, Tunisia was a tourist hotspot for the UK. Tour operators around the country could market and sell trips to Tunisia at ease; it had the weather, the beaches and of course fantastic culture. Then, everything changed. The moment an ISIS gunman stepped onto a beach and killed 38 people, the tourism market effectively […]

Is Tunisia’s labor union really successful?

Any organization that comes away with a Nobel Peace Prize is naturally going to claim the plaudits – and that’s exactly what happened with the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT), back in 2015. Being the centerpiece of a turbulent transition period following protests in 2011, the group were hailed as they aided the country’s economic […]

Best Tunisia Day Trips

On first glance, Tunisia might look like “another” of those countries with hot temperatures and sandy beaches. To those who study it closely, it’s so much more. This is a country which is engulfed in history, culture and just general interest. It has umpteen attractions and landmarks, many of which are known and recognised across […]

Top 10 Beauty & Spa Hotels

Once upon a time the Tunisian tourism industry was made up of sandy beaches and soaring temperatures. Now, things have changed. The country has quickly become one of the most popular holiday destinations for Europeans and while the above two factors will always come into play, over recent times it has adapted to the growing […]