Cap FM

Cap FM is another one of the more recent Tunisian radio stations to hit the airwaves, with this first launching in 2012. Its name relates to a specific region in Nabeul named Cap Bon – so it won’t come as a surprise to hear that it generally targets this area of the country.

Nevertheless, other regions can also tune into the content. Its offices are based in Hammamet, meaning that any resident there can access the shows.

Perhaps interestingly, at least when compared to some other stations which were launched at a similar time, Cap FM only publishes content in Arabic.


What is the history behind Cap FM?

In comparison to other radio stations, the history which is associated with Cap FM is a little more limited. This is a station which was also launched on the back of the 2011 Revolution – which changed the rules that governed private radio ownership.

It was founded by Tounsi Olfa on 24 March 2012.


Who is behind Cap FM?

As well as Olfa, the team behind Cap FM is hugely varied. In fact, when compared to some of the other radio stations that are available, Cap FM takes a much more cultural approach. It relies on a lot of input from journalists, actresses and artists, with the likes of Ben Rhouma Wahbi and Meriem Ben Mami being two of the biggest names which are associated with the channel.


What sort of content does Cap FM release?

There are no fewer than thirty different shows that are part of the Cap FM schedule. However, these vary between the year and in the summer for example, these are condensed into programs which suit this time of year. This means that shows like Beach Party and World Music are shown – to captivate a summer audience.