Express FM

First coming to the airwaves in 2010, Express FM was another one of the first privately launched radio stations in Tunisia. However, unlike the other ones that were launched during this period, Express FM caters for a more specific audience. Its shows target the economic situation in Tunisia, with the station most prevalent in Greater Tunis and Sfax. It’s actually the latter where Express FM is based.

Like most of the new radio stations in Tunisia, Express FM is available to listen to online. Additionally, regular podcasts are released on the shows, to make the catch-up experience all the more easier. Unlike some of the other stations that were released at a similar time, Express FM is broadcast entirely in Arabic.


Why has Express FM proved to be so popular?

The timing of the launch of Express FM probably couldn’t have come at a better time for Tunisians. It occurred just months before the 2011 Revolution, which has prompted several changes in the country’s economy.

Up until this point, it was dictated heavily by the state. While this has prompted a steady incline over the last year, the new landscape means that the market might not be quite as predictable as it once was.

Additionally, there has been further interest in this topic due to the loan guarantees that the country has obtained from other nations. One example of such finance occurred in 2012, with the US backing a loan guarantee to make it easier for Tunisia to access market funding at more affordable rates. Naturally, such instances have caused questions, with Express FM regularly discussing these topics as a result.


Content of Express FM

As we’ve already highlighted, the main aim of Express FM is to provide shows which are based around Tunisia’s economy. These include the likes of Eco Dico, Double Espesso and Tuning – amongst several others.

However, this is also regarded as a cultural station. It regularly seeks the opinions of respected journalists and artists and is one of the first stations that is thought of by expert speakers.

Additionally, it’s not all related to economics. For example, there are no fewer than three sports shows, while two spots are dedicated to pure humour. There are also entertainment, consumer and business shows, suggesting that Express FM is much more than the economic radio station that so many people view it as.