Radio Sfax

As the name suggests, Radio Sfax is a Tunisian radio station that covers the region of Sfax. As well as this, it also broadcasts to central and south-eastern parts of the country, meaning that it spans a wide area. Unsurprisingly, the station concentrates on the Sfax area and presents news and issues related to this region.

There was another station that went by the same name in the 1930s. However, this private station was completely unrelated to the Radio Sfax we know in the modern day and stopped broadcasting at some point through the 1940s.

The station is broadcast primarily in Arabic and can be accessed on AM 720 kHZ and FM 105.21 MHz.


Where is the station based?

Radio Sfax is based on Menzel Chaker Road in Sfax. Its studios opened all the way back in 1983 although now, there are six separate studios for radio works. Additionally, there is a production unit for television work. This is a particularly interesting aspect about Radio Sfax, as they also contribute to the national television station of RTT. This is in stark contrast to most of their rivals, which merely concentrate all of their efforts to the radio.

In total, there are 150 employees who work for the company. These are made up mainly of journalists and broadcasters.


What mediums is Radio Sfax available through?

As well as the AM and FM frequencies that have already been commented on, Radio Sfax is also available online. This has occurred since November 2009 and is a key reason why the station has soared in popularity – just like other stations which have also taken their shows to the internet.


When is Radio Sfax broadcast?

Over recent years it would be fair to say that Radio Sfax’s coverage has improved drastically. From 1991 the show was only on the airways for twenty hours a day, although this changed in October 2012. It was at this point that the show decided to go around the clock, meaning that Radio Sfax can now be accessed all day, every day – whether it’s online or via the normal radio mediums.


Is Radio Sfax well known for anything?

Unsurprisingly, Radio Sfax is mainly regarded for its radio show exploits. After all, this is one of the most well-known radio stations in Tunisa.

However, it also has other claims to fame. For example, the famous Tunisian media personality Nizar Chaari worked for the station for a decade between 1993 and 2003. During this spell he was the presenter of umpteen shows, such as Marafi El Ahad, Zifef ElAthir, Founoun, Ithnayn ala Alhawa and Rabii Elfounoun. The majority of these shows are theatre based, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when one scrutinises Chaari’s work on television. For example, after concluding his career at Radio Sfax, he proceeded to present cinematographic and music shows. As well as this, he is seen as one of the most renowned interviewers in Tunisia, as well as being a respected political presenter.