Mosaique FM

Being the first private radio station that was to don the Tunisian airwaves, it’s no surprise to see that Mosaique FM is hugely popular. While it broadcasts to the North of the country, the fact that it is also available online means that it actually attracts a lot more listeners than you might fist imagine.

On the subject on the listenership, a recent study found that most people who tuned into the station were aged between 20 and 39.


The story behind Mosaique FM

One of the reasons why Mosaique FM is so popular is because it was the first private radio station in Tunisia. Another, is because it held associations with the Trabelsi clan.

In fact, at one point Belhassen Trabelsi owned 13% of shares of this station. Considering the fact that he is the brother of the first lady, this was quite a significant piece of information that was associated with the station.

However, following the 2011 revolution, it is widely understood that Trabelsi’s shares have been transferred away from him. Initially, he was regarded as a hugely successful businessman – someone who sat on the Board of Banque de Tunisie and owned 65% of KoralBlue airlines amongst other prominent business interests.

However, during 2011 particular emphasis was featured on the Trabelsi clan, of which he happened to be regarded as the ‘Godfather’ of. It was suggested that he was involved in huge amounts of corruption and the fact that he fled the country during the revolution suggests that large elements of these suspicions are very accurate. It is understood that he is still trying to avoid the authorities somewhere in Canada, where he is the subject of a search from Interpol.

He has already been sentenced to over five years in prison and with the Tunisian government allegedly considering freezing his assets, many are now under the firm impression that his involvement with Mosaique FM is completely over.


The content of Mosaique FM

This is a radio station was once classed as the “radio of the Trablesi Clan”, for obvious reasons.

Now, following Trabelsi’s history, it tends to focus on primetime shows. These cover a lot of social issues and at the last count, there were 29 different programs that were broadcast over the station. Considering the availability of Mosaique FM, and the fact that it is broadcast in Arabic, Tunisian Arabic and French, these are further reasons why the station has become so popular since its inception over a decade ago.

In other words, it’s not just gained attention because of its links to Trablesi – it happens to boast solid content which has gained acclaim from numerous sources across the country.